Aussies Edge Farm

Are you in need of a dog trainer? Not any dog trainer, but a trainer that knows and understands the working Aussie! 

We are happy to annouce that we have partnered with Kelly Nason and Sidhi Srinivassachar!

Kelly has owned Aussies for over 7 years, she purchased her second Aussie from the Edge and now she owns 4 of our dogs! Kelly has competed in agility and is currently training several of her Aussies in disk, dock diving, agility and hunting fowl. Kelly has an amazing touch and can get the most out of her dogs. She has an amazing way with "naughty" dogs and ones that need behavoir modification....Kelly offers zoom meetings, puppy courses, in home visits and on site visits. If you are intrested in Kelly's services please contact her to set up a meeting! 

Kelly Nason 207-403-4182

Sidhi also ownes one of our dogs Junie! Sidhi is amazing at looking at the dog and the sitsutions and putting a plan together that will work with both the owner and the dog. She has done several disciplines with her Aussie Junie like, flyball, agility, ski joring and scent work. Sidhi is a straight shooter and has the Aussies best intrest at heart. She has done puppy classes, in home visits and occasional board/training. Sidhi is in the MA area and ishe makes a wonderful ressource for Aussies owners in that area. if your looking for more information please contact Sidhi!

Sidhi Srinivasachar 774-200-7323