Aussies Edge Farm

Our Dams

Blanca Diamond Edge DNA-VP, (Retired)
 ASCA/ASDR Dual Registered
Black tricolor, DOB 3/2017,  21" at the withers, 47 pounds
Red factor and natural bob tail carrier
Health testing: Cone Deg. n/n, CEA n/n, CMR1 n/n, DM n/n HC n/n MDR1 n/n, PRCD-PRA n/n, T locus t/T

Blanca comes to us from Diamond S Aussies with a great cow dog lineage. She displays lots of drive and is very handler oriented - the "velcro dog" of the bunch who loves to work for you. Blanca is attentive, gentle and expressive in her communication and play. In her work, she is a quick study on any activity and focused to the end. Most of all, she is an incredible and protective mother to her pups!

Bailey Diamond Edge DNA-VP, ASCA/ASDR Dual Registered

Blue merle with copper points, DOB 4/2019, 21" at the withers, 44 pounds

Red Factored and Full Tail carrier

Health testing: Cone Deg. n/n CEA n/n, CMR1 n/n, DM n/n, HSF4 n/n, MDR1 n/n, PRCD-PRA n/n, T locus t/t

Bailey is Blanca's half sister and also comes to us from Diamond S Aussies. Bailey has just as much drive as her sister but a very different working style! She is the type who will study a task on her own and and perfect it to a T. Bailey is a thinking dog with an independent head for work, huge scent drive and natural herding instinct. She has a stoic side and is very internally motivated, a challenging partner to match the best of the best!