Aussies Edge Farm

Our Future Stock

The Edge Creates Beautiful Meadows: ASDR, cleared by parents: This beautiful girl is from Blanca X Sammy litter. She has all the zazz! 3 rd generation homegrown Twin Oak pedigree from her sire, Sammy and Gradsire, Bentley and with that perfect amount of love and velcro dog from her mom, Blanca! What a perfect beutiful, intelligent loving pup! We can't wait to see what Meadow will bring to our program!

Lazy K Epic Is At The Edge, DNA-VP, DNA-CP:                        
Tripled Registered ASCA, AKC & ASDR
Female black tricolor, DOB 11/2020
Red factor, full tail
Health testing: Cone Deg. n/n, CEA n/n, CMR1 n/n, DM n/n, HSF4 n/n, HC n/n, MDR1 n/n, PRCD-PRA n/n, CUBN n/n, T locus t/t

Epic comes to us from Lazy K Ranch in Oklahoma from diverse stock dog lines, including Boyd Ranch, Freestyle, Fifteen Acres, Cut N Loose, Tucker Creek and Las Rocosa. She's already showing us great confidence, work ethic and drive from behind - we're excited to see what this girl will do!

C&J Synergy At The Edge, DNA-VP  Tripled Registered ASCA, AKC & ASDR
Male Red Merle with copper points & two blue eyes DOB 4/2021
Health Testing: Cone Deg. n/n, CEA n/n, CMR1 n/n, DM n/n, HSF4 n/n, HC n/n, MDR1 n/n, NCL n/n, PRCD-PRA n/n, CUBN n/n, T Locus t/t

Synergy comes to us from C&J Australian She
pherds in Tennessee with a Boyd Ranch, Slash V, and strong Twin Oaks background. He's whip smart, very biddable and a sweetheart, and his stunning looks make him the complete package! 

Diamond S At The Rivahs Edge, DNA-VP:   Dual Registered ASCA & ASDR 
Female black tri with dark copper points, Red Factored full tail, DOB 1/2021
Health testing: Cone Deg. n/n, CEA n/n, CMR1 n/n, DM n/n, HSF4 n/n, HC n/n, CUBN n/n, MDR1 n/n, CMR1 n/n,  PRCD-PRA n/n T Locus t/t

Rivah is full sister to our Bailey and half sister to Blanca. She comes to us from my dear friend Shannon of Diamond S Aussies in Missouri. Rivah is very similar to Bailey with her strong drive and sweetheart personality. She is with her guardians Emily & Roger in NH. She will continue to develop and mature before she returns to breed and whelp. Rivah is currently training in dock diving and bird hunting! We are very excited for her and we can't wait to see how she progresses!