Aussies Edge Farm

Our Story

Aussies Edge was established in 2007 by Kathy Bodwell. Kathy is a certified veterinary technician and licensed riding instructor with over 25 years of experience in animal husbandry. Her industry experience includes providing veterinary care, working in operations and management for veterinary care providers, owning and operating a rescue farm, and riding, competing, and teaching lessons across several equine disciplines. At Aussies Edge, Kathy continues her legacy of integrity, quality, and education through her work with the Australian Shepherd breed.

We believe in preserving the heritage and working ability of the Australian Shepherd. Our program focuses on stock dogs with old fashioned pedigrees, working drive, health and conformation. Our program is strengthened through our collaboration with other working stock dog breeders, ensuring that our dogs continue to show strong natural herding and guardian instincts.

Edge dogs excel at many jobs and make a wonderful addition to any stock working program, sport owner or active family. We believe that the consummate Australian Shepherd is an exceptional working partner and companion - confident and protective, biddable and enthusiastic, versatile with both power and precision, and relaxed when the job is done. 

Aussies are loyal, stubborn, independent, bright, bold, fearless, gentle, kind, and loving - and we strive to produce dogs that meet and exceed these high expectations!